The Project

Sferics are electromagnetic discharges originating among other things in distant thunderstorm-cells. Till now, they are quite unknown in public and insignificant.

There are many different Sferics-impulses in front of bad-weather or fair weather fronts. These impulses are considered to the explanation attempt, why meteorosensitive persons feel temperature-changes some days before and why these persons are free of complaints when the real weather conditions are arriving.

Main purpose of the project is the scientific and consequent study of meteorological and medical controversial discussed health-effects of Sferics.

Later, we produce a so-called 'fair-weather-field' with a special small device. With its help it should be demonstrated if a synthetic body-near generated changing fair-weahter-field has a physiologic verifiable effect to groups, sensitive to changes in the weather and not sensitive. The duration of the project is between 2012 and 2013. It's financed by the research group "Geobiologie Dr. Hartmann e.V." (!

We're looking forward you to hearing from you, if you are interested to help.