The Scienceboard Team - Vitae

Florian M. Koenig

Florian M. Koenig:

Born 27th of November 1960 in Munich. He studied Electronics propounded in transmitting techniques and acoustics in Munich/Germany successfully. Based on the diploma thesis results in computer aided diffus-field transfer function of headphones and tone effect of spatial tone coloration's (1988, Univ. of Appl. Science Munich). Later followed psycho-acoustic investigations in the electro-acoustics headphone system creating a new method to produce a frontal and surround auditory event by headphones without any DSP. Meanwhile scientific investigations brought about 130 patents and patent applications worldwide and also more than 90 lectures at different conventions or symposium's in several aspects of

  • human health condition correlations between sferics & technics EMF and electro-magn. / electro-sensivity, weather-sensivity cause by meteorological EMF influence extracted via TCM medical measurement methods (actual running study 2012)
  • binaural / head-related / psycho-acoustics and
  • health impairing aspects of those head-related el.-magnet field emitting sound sources since 1991 until 2011 at the German DAGA's, AES, European Forum Acusticum, Sound and Vibration, ICA, Bio-Medic or the Bekesy`-Symposium; besides held sferics lectures at (published) and in 2011.
  • He's member at different acoustic Tech. Committees and standardizing groups like the German DKE-DIN 742.6 (see committee worldwide TC100).

This fact of knowledge caused for instance in a meanwhile changed to a stock option company ULTRASONE AG (Tutzing, Germany), where he was the chief technical officer until 2008. Now he's developing new technologies in SFERICS at his own Florian König Enterprises GmbH ( Besides he finished his promotion study by a dissertation thesis in "Audio spectrum analysis of natural alternating fields in the atmosphere and some unanticipated results" in **2004 at the Vasile Goldis Western University, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Christian M. Koenig

Christian B. König:

Born 6th of March 1958 in Munich. He studied science of forestry at the University of Munich (LMU). Then he worked as scientist at the same University for nearly 5 years in the fields of influences of extreme weather events on forestry disease in Bavaria. Afterwards he founded a multimedia content providing company (MMC, METEOS), dealing with information’s about weather forecasts, climate change data and environmental aspects. Since 2007 he is manager of a new multimedia service agency, concerning the same topics like above. His main focus is to merge meteorological and climatological parameters into mainstream information tools on easy usable platforms to reach weather reliable people by every media. Christian B. König is member of the German Meteorological Society (DMG), the European Met. Society (EMS) and the German Journalists Association (DFJV); linked to WEB: Climate-Weather-Environmental Agency via